Wasantrao Nagade Computer Training Center:

We have seven computers. We conduct training of office automation, D.I.P., Tally, Digital Photography, Many students completed M.S.C.I.T. cource with good scores. It helps them to become economically independent.

Late Gangabai Sabadra Tailoring Centre:

We have 22 sewing machines and the students sew their clothes on their own. From the last six years, the school uniforms are tailored in this department. In the same way, the training of embriodery, delicate designing, and jewelry is also given to the students. 

Late Chandulal Gandhi Music Center:-

 Training of tabala, harmonium, violene, singing is given to the students.  Some of the students have appeared for the exam taken by the Gandharv Council. The classical singing, playing instruments and dance workshops are conducted. The programme “Tare Samateche” is presented in different cities of Maharashtra through entertainment, excellent dance, collective song and drama for two- and half hours. We have raised fund of Rs. 5, 00,000/ through this activity. 

Late Rukminibai Kulkarni Painting Center:-

 In this department the syllabus of grading exams of painting is taught to the students. For creating interest about art, competitions are organised. Last year 15 students  passed intermediate grade exam, from this department. This year 25 students are selected for this. The training of making greeting cards, spray painting etc will be given to them. The department is running on Marathwada Darshan Sangrahalaya. Shri Shivaji Potdar works for this department.

Prof. Dr. Sharad Pishwikar Science Center:

The objective is to impart training of  scientific approach and practices in agriculture, health sciences and environment amongst youth farmers and students of about 10 nearby schools.

Hon. Babasaheb Paranjape Public Library:

We have 2150 books for children’s with five daily newspapers, three periodical and one monthly magazine.

Shantaram Bhat Farming Centre:

The programmes like earthworm farming, compost manure and nursery  are being implemented.

Memorial Garden: There are 35 memorial trees are planted and well developed.

Dairy activity : At present there are four cows and five calves in cow school. The milk is given to the children. Knowledge of cow and buffalo caring is given to the students.

Dnyandip Children  Nursary:

We have 60 kids are taking education. There are two teachers and one lady servant look after that.

Youth Camps:

We organize  youth camp and participants from all districts of Maharashtra participate. In these camps ‘Shramadan’ is conducted  and work of soil conservation, watershed development and plantation is done.

Lectures, workshops and experiments are conducted on gender equality, child labor, child marriage, literacy, women health. In nearby 20 villages these programmes are conducted Apla Ghar project is  a center of social change in Marathwada.

Special Guidance:

For better understanding and improve knowledge  in the academic subjects like   English, Math’s and Science of 10th class students, we arrange special guidance classes.

Dharitri Primary Vidya Mandir:-  

Dharitri Primary Vidya Mandir is run by Rashtra Seva Dal and Dnyandip Kalopasak Mandal, Naladurg. There are 231 students taking education from 1st std. to 4th std. In tthis 30 students are from  Apla Ghar.

Dharitri Secondary School:

In 1993, Rashtra Seva Dal and Dnyandip and Kalopasak Mandal, Naladurg established Dharitri Secondary School for earthquake affected, unsheltered and orphan students. In the school 300 students are taking education from 5th std. to 10th std. The students of Apla Ghar are also taking education. In the school the activities like National Harit Sena, Scout Guide, Career Guidance, National Talent  Search Exam, Guidance Classes, Guest Lectures for 10th class students, Night Study Room are conducted.

Workers Welfare Fund:

We have 35 workers working in the project. For their health needs we received donation of Rs. 100000/- in the memory of late Veenatai Surana & Rs. 100000/- in the memory of Devdas Limbale and from interest amount is used to support workers health problems.

Shrimati Ushatai Bhoomkar Ideal House-mother Prize:

Vinay Aembedkar and Alkatai Aembedkar, Latur gave the Ideal House-mother award on 5th Sept every year in the memory of late Ushatai Bhoomkar.